Wednesday, 1 June 2016

We do not live in a Disney Movie

As everyone probably heard a kid fell into a gorilla enclosure and the
gorilla dragged him around for some time before getting shot by the zoo
keepers. There is a big debate about if the gorilla should have been
shot or the mother of the kid. I feel it is sad for the majestic “WILD” animal as it had to be killed because a mother could not watch her kid. And her
suing the zoo is a super douchy move especially when they ended up saving her

Anyway back to what I was thinking about. The other thing people
are talking about is how the gorilla apparently was taking care of the
kid. A gorilla is a wild animal and will definitely fuck you up if it
wants to. This is no Disney movie where that gorilla is going to raise
the kid and he becomes Tarzan or some shit like that. That kid did not
die because the gorilla did not see him as a threat and was curious to
see what the new object was that fell in to his pen.  Because
humans want to see animals as cute and sweet things that won’t harm us
because we saw Disney movies as a kid does not mean it is true.

In conclusion, this is not to say that i justify the killing of the majestic animal. This rant is to say that WILD animals are WILD and not cute and fuzzy like Argo.