Monday, 23 November 2015

The Brute that should just stay Mute.

The new James Bond is out and it is called SPECTRE. Most of my friends have asked me when we are going to watch this at the theater, but I for one am not going to go watch this in the movie theater cough cough I am going to download it. I will tell you all why. Daniel (The Brute) Craig as James Bond is by far the worst Bond. They have tried to reboot Bond when it really never needed to be rebooted.  James Bond movies have a set of rules that need to be followed for it to be called a James Bond movie. If the movie does not follow these rules it is just any other random action movie Jason Bourne or Mission Impossible. It would be like if you took Star Wars and rebooted it and said let us not have it in space and it is all about Jar Jar Binks an instead of Lightsabers let us have dark shields and instead of the force we will have the Weakness. Let us see how many Star Wars fans will get behind this!!
In Daniel (The Brute) Craig’s 1St Bond movie (Casino Royale) we see him running though walls driving an ambulance and being bad at poker then needing the American’s help to get the money back and getting caught by the bad guy whose thing is to cry blood. Then we have Quantum of Solace that was so boring and lacking of a plot that no one remembers it (I think, since even I don’t remember most of it). Then there was Skyfall at least this movie was watchable and kind of tried to finish the whole reboot thingy. All the humor/ sophistication/James Bondness that James Bond normally shows is lost in all these movies. This has to stop and that is why I am boycotting this movie like an American college student that is studying gender studies and sees something that might or might not offend women. Please let us make this the last James Bond that Daniel (The Brute) Craig makes. #MarksRants #ButeNotBond