Wednesday, 1 June 2016

We do not live in a Disney Movie

As everyone probably heard a kid fell into a gorilla enclosure and the
gorilla dragged him around for some time before getting shot by the zoo
keepers. There is a big debate about if the gorilla should have been
shot or the mother of the kid. I feel it is sad for the majestic “WILD” animal as it had to be killed because a mother could not watch her kid. And her
suing the zoo is a super douchy move especially when they ended up saving her

Anyway back to what I was thinking about. The other thing people
are talking about is how the gorilla apparently was taking care of the
kid. A gorilla is a wild animal and will definitely fuck you up if it
wants to. This is no Disney movie where that gorilla is going to raise
the kid and he becomes Tarzan or some shit like that. That kid did not
die because the gorilla did not see him as a threat and was curious to
see what the new object was that fell in to his pen.  Because
humans want to see animals as cute and sweet things that won’t harm us
because we saw Disney movies as a kid does not mean it is true.

In conclusion, this is not to say that i justify the killing of the majestic animal. This rant is to say that WILD animals are WILD and not cute and fuzzy like Argo.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Vegan scum are killing the planet!

After years of listening to how people who eat meat are killing the planet, there is finally a ray of light . Now I will do as all good anti vaccine nutjobs do and take the one article on the net saying that meat is good for the environment and run with it.

 No longer will you be able to hold this over us. No longer can you sit on your high horse and say I am saving the planet. Now all you are doing is killing the planet and eating my food’s food. Like I always say to the vegan scum, our ancestors did not fight their way up the food chain for us to be vegan. The world we are living in now has made us soft and made us forget where we come from. Back in the day when people had to fight for a living they would eat whatever they could get without any of this vishi washi I cant eat this or that. Veganism is a product of easy living!!! Now stop your shit and go eat a balanced diet.

"Eating lettuce is over three times worse in greenhouse gas emissions than eating bacon," I think I will be ordering a bacon salad .

Thursday, 3 December 2015

America you are better than this. Act like it.

More people have died in the US in the past 47 years because of guns than all those who have died fighting for America in the wars they have been in/started.

Another mass shooting happened in the US and they still don’t seem like they want to change the gun laws yet. That is even after there have been 355 mass shootings in the US in 2015 alone. That is close to the amount of days in the year. Still there are states in USA where it is easier to get a gun than a driving license. Please USA get a grip start enforcing some gun control. We are tired of watching you kill yourselves. Stop letting gun nuts rule your country. 90 % of the points the pro gun nuts bring forward make no sense.

There is the good old Guns don't kill people. People kill people argument. Let us start off with defining a gun. A gun is a tool that is made for killing or severely hurting the target it hits with its bullets. A gun has no other purpose in life. It is not like I go in the kitchen and say let me make a sandwich just pass me the gun so I can cut this bread. I have never heard a famer go ´’I am just going to go harvest my crop, better get my gun out. Or pass me the gun I need to change the channel on the TV.’’ Guns are made for killing and nothing else so when people want to kill someone else a gun will make this a whole lot easier. This is why you almost never hear about those mass killing spreads using you bare hands or a knife.

Then there is the whole I need a gun for protection argument. You would not need a gun to protect yourself if every one else did not have a gun. And with this it just becomes an arms race where whoever has the biggest and best gun wins. You know what they say the bigger the gun the smaller the (you know what I am talking about). Should we stop when it is legal for every one to own a nuke for protection? Some one wants to rob my house let me just blow up my city to protect my self and my family. At least they will all get a quick death.

I do understand that there are legitimate uses for guns. Example hunting or target shooting and so on but if you don’t want to go through some tests and a lot of background checks and waiting time so the general population can be safe, I really don’t understand you. Guns are just not for every one.

You guys are the democracy that has the power to change this law, but you decide to keep it the same and make a spectacle of it so the rest of the world can watch you kill your own population one gunshot at a time.

To end this off I will link to an article with some stats that might shock you.

America you are better than this. Act like it.


Monday, 23 November 2015

The Brute that should just stay Mute.

The new James Bond is out and it is called SPECTRE. Most of my friends have asked me when we are going to watch this at the theater, but I for one am not going to go watch this in the movie theater cough cough I am going to download it. I will tell you all why. Daniel (The Brute) Craig as James Bond is by far the worst Bond. They have tried to reboot Bond when it really never needed to be rebooted.  James Bond movies have a set of rules that need to be followed for it to be called a James Bond movie. If the movie does not follow these rules it is just any other random action movie Jason Bourne or Mission Impossible. It would be like if you took Star Wars and rebooted it and said let us not have it in space and it is all about Jar Jar Binks an instead of Lightsabers let us have dark shields and instead of the force we will have the Weakness. Let us see how many Star Wars fans will get behind this!!
In Daniel (The Brute) Craig’s 1St Bond movie (Casino Royale) we see him running though walls driving an ambulance and being bad at poker then needing the American’s help to get the money back and getting caught by the bad guy whose thing is to cry blood. Then we have Quantum of Solace that was so boring and lacking of a plot that no one remembers it (I think, since even I don’t remember most of it). Then there was Skyfall at least this movie was watchable and kind of tried to finish the whole reboot thingy. All the humor/ sophistication/James Bondness that James Bond normally shows is lost in all these movies. This has to stop and that is why I am boycotting this movie like an American college student that is studying gender studies and sees something that might or might not offend women. Please let us make this the last James Bond that Daniel (The Brute) Craig makes. #MarksRants #ButeNotBond